Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Go Green !!!

Go Green: Save Paper; Save Trees; Save Earth...

Origami as an art could be very joyful and relaxing but the extensive use of paper in origami does not deem it to be environment friendly. Origami designs can be folded out of various kinds of paper depending upon the design to be folded. Paper used for origami can range from the very simple and easily available Printer Paper to the specially designed Origami Paper.

Origami as an art can be practiced for fun and leisure at home and can also be taken up professionally to fold some of the most amazing paper models. Most of us have practiced this art from school days while throwing paper planes at each other and sailing paper boats in the rain waters. Origami has touched everyone's life in some way or the other.

Keeping in mind the importance of trees for our environment, I on the behalf of all the Origami lovers would like to make an appeal that, " Try to restrict the wastage of Paper" and make sincere efforts to fold the designs of Origami with previously used paper, unless you are doing it for a professional purpose.

Origami practiced for domestic and leisure purposes can be done with old used printer supplies, or used note book papers, or used pad papers etc. Use of old used paper for origami with kids can also encourage kids for the conservation of trees and in turn for a better environment.

In an effort to Save Paper; Save Trees; Save Earth, Most of the origami designs on this blog are folded with used paper from printer supplies note books. The use of fresh Origami paper has been restricted to only a few 3D Models, that too only to conserve the beauty of the models. 

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